sobota, 9 lipca 2011

We're getting started!

Hello everyone. My name is Thomas, I live in northern Poland and I would love to show you guys the best that my country has to offer: hilarious pictures, the funniest videos, but on the other side you will see the loveliest landscapes that Poland has, such as Mazury or Tatry mountains or the most spectacular pieces of art made by my fellow Polish artists!

Feel free to ask questions, contribute with some comments! I am going to encourage you to visit my country with this short video, hope you enjoy!

With very best,

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  1. Poland seems nice cold place :D

  2. Could you post recommended places and hotels?
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  3. Cool stuff, Moldova loves Poland too :) !

  4. You could post about night life, girls, drinks... that kind of stuff! Poland looks a great place btw, and you just gave a good idea :)


  5. I was about to visit Poland when I was in Germany. Let's see if I can go there next year.

    Btw, thanks for the tip of my blog ;-)

  6. The video got me at "Fire breathing dragon that feasted on virgins."